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We partner Canadian companies that have innovations ready for adoption with Canadian healthcare organizations

OBIO’s EAHN™ evaluates applications from across Canada and selects the
most commercial-ready technologies. Utilizing industry-driven expertise in
assessing health technologies, EAHN™ has successfully partnered numerous
leading-edge technologies with Canadian health organizations to be evaluated in clinical settings. We are proud to share a few case studies describing how EAHN™ has made a difference.

Think your technology can
make a difference?

OBIO® accepts applicants based on the readiness of both their technologies and their organization. The application process will select for companies that are prepared to have their technologies evaluated in a health organization setting and whose technologies will provide value as measured against the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare (patient experience, population health, caregiver wellbeing, and cost).

Our applicants will be expected:

  • To have all regulatory clearance necessary for evaluation in a clinical setting
  • To be prepared for immediate scale-up and dissemination following a successful evaluation
  • To have a clear and defined path forward for commercialization of their technology

Companies in Western Canada

Companies in Eastern Canada

For any additional questions, please contact us.