Kitchener, ON / Hamilton, ON

Intelligent and Holistic Pelvic Rehabilitation for Women

The Hyivy Health Floora™ device is a class II medical device for home use. The intravaginal device is used to alleviate symptoms associated with hypertonic pelvic floor disorders, such as menopause, post-partum, gynecological diseases like endometriosis and pelvic based cancers. Their system consists of a multitherapy vaginal wand performing heat therapy and auto dilation in combination with biosensors, which are collecting the first ever data set on the pelvic floor. This data is tracked using their patient mobile application and their remote patient monitoring, clinician software portal for OBGYNs and Pelvic Floor Therapists. The data helps patients view their progress in real time and their software allows doctors and therapists see the effectiveness of their treatment plans, predict complications and make adaptive treatment plan changes in real time.

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