Concord, ON

Remote medical assistance and patient monitoring using IoT devices, augmented reality and artificial intelligence

TeleVU is focused on developing remote medical assistance and remote patient monitoring solutions using IoT devices (Smart Glasses, wearable vital sign monitors), augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Their proprietary telepresence solution creates a secure AR/AI-enhanced video call via Smart Glasses connecting frontline healthcare providers and remote clinical experts worldwide! Remote medical experts can provide “over-the-shoulder” guidance to frontline clinicians to facilitate timely patient care using AR and AI as if there were present in the room.

They are redefining access to specialized medical care, high-quality medical education and digital workflow management. For the patient and at home, they offer BioVU 4-in-1 vital signs, a palm-sized IoT device, to measure and sync patients’ ECG, temperature, Blood Pressure and Oxygen levels to the cloud for health monitoring and disease management.”

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