Ottawa, Ontario

Empowering you to take control of your brain health

Neurovine is a digital therapeutic that combines wearable technology with evidence-based neuro analytics to support stress management, mental health, and resiliency while also supporting a graduated return to work after burnout. The core of the Neurovine technology is broken down into three layers. First, the Neurovine Sensorband, a clinical-grade Bluetooth-enabled EEG headband. Second, the Neurovine Health API takes EEG data as input and computes mental workload via machine learning models as output. Finally, the Neurovine App acts as the glue between the Sensorband and the API, providing rich feedback and reporting to the user. Neurovine’s platform solution makes brain health visible and actionable by delivering affordable, personalized mental health support to users and data-driven insights to clinicians. Data collected by the Neurovine Sensorband© is sent to the cloud-based analytic platform and returned to the patient’s mobile device through gamified therapies including cognitive and physical pacing and mediation. Data trends are shared with clinicians through a cloud-based web portal.


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