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Advancing Canada’s Competitive Edge in Health Technology Innovation And Commercialization

The mission of the OBIO® Early Adopter Health Network

OBIO® EAHN™ creates a collaborative ecosystem in Canada where health technology companies and health organizations can work together to develop, test, refine, adopt, and disseminate novel technologies across the health system.

The benefits of the Early Adopter Health Network

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A clear pathway to technology dissemination and adoption

OBIO® EAHN™ establishes a formal mechanism for evaluating novel technologies and provides the evidence that all stakeholders (companies, health organizations, government) are seeking to facilitate technology adoption and dissemination into the health system.

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An integrated health science economy that benefits the patient

OBIO® EAHN™ members are incentivized to seek out novel health technologies that address real problems facing the health system. By directly engaging with industry to help address these problems, health organizations can provide critical feedback to better prepare technologies for health system adoption.

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Anchoring a growing health sciences industry across Canada

Canadian health technology companies that directly engage with health organizations and end-users within the healthcare system benefit from having their technologies adopted in Canada, establishing a local customer base from which to expand globally.

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Attracting global investment into the Canadian health sciences economy

By showcasing the success of integrated health economies across Canada, global investment becomes easier to attract to the region.

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Improving performance

OBIO® EAHN™ provides members with a unique opportunity to evaluate technologies in the clinical setting. Following a successful evaluation, these early adopters are the first to benefit from better outcomes, improved patient experience, lower costs, and improved staff experience.

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OBIO® EAHN™ gives Canadian health technology companies an opportunity to access local markets before expanding globally.

  • EAHN™ gives Canadian health technology companies an opportunity to access local markets before expanding globally.
  • EAHN™ gets innovative technologies into the health system.
  • EAHN™ partners commercially ready companies with health organizations in an end-to-end process that extends from technology evaluation to system-wide adoption.

EAHN builds trust by being situated between all stakeholders e.g. hospitals, entrepreneurs, and industry. This allows EAHN to address real clinical challenges, develop KOLs and thought leaders and give Ontario patients access to the best possible care.

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Advancing Canada’s competitive edge in health technology innovation and commercialization.

Through collaborative partnerships with industry, the investment community, academia, patients and government, The Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO®) seeks to develop policies that will revitalize market conditions for a thriving industry. EAHN™ is a new and innovative offering from OBIO® partners Canadian companies developing health technologies that are ready for adoption with Ontario health organizations.

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