Toronto, Ontario

AmacaThera is transforming therapeutics to make a difference in patient health

AmacaThera’s lead product AMT-143 is a long-acting injectable therapeutic for post-operative pain management. The product is composed of a local anesthetic drug formulated in AmacaThera’s proprietary drug delivery biomaterial – AmacaGel™ – that provides sustained drug release and resulting pain management for up to three days. The product is designed as a non-opioid pain management strategy and intended to reduce the need and reliance on opioids in post-surgical pain management indications.

AmacaThera’s unique, injectable biomaterial platform provides localized, sustained drug delivery to improve patient outcomes across multiple therapeutic areas. Grounded in the research of world-renowned biomaterials scientist, Dr. Molly Shoichet, they are developing products at the intersection of biomaterials and pharmaceuticals.

The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, and brings together a team of commercial leaders, researchers and biotechnology experts who will transform therapeutics development while making a difference in patient outcomes.

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