Montreal, QC

Leveraging its expertise in micro sensing technology to provide innovative diagnostic solutions

MY01, Inc., headquartered in Montreal, QC, is a biomedical technology company leveraging its expertise in micro sensing technology to provide innovative diagnostic solutions. MY01 is committed to facilitating the digitalization of healthcare in situations where accurate data can support critical clinical decisions.

MY01’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals with objective data to aid in diagnosing complex medical conditions. MY01 believes that adding actionable, quantitative data at the bedside can augment clinical assessments to provide more effective care. This offers surgeons, facilities and patients peace of mind while helping to improve health and economic outcomes.

The company’s first device, the MY01 Continuous Compartmental Pressure Monitor, aids in diagnosing compartment syndrome, a condition that can occur after high-impact injuries like fractures. A missed diagnosis of compartment syndrome can lead to severe consequences, including potential amputation. In contrast, prophylactic surgical treatment with a fasciotomy may lead to adverse long-term effects for the patient, including chronic pain and reduction in activities.

By providing continuous data on intracompartmental pressure, the MY01 monitor can aid in making an accurate diagnosis of compartment syndrome. The device can also be paired with the MY01 mobile app, which allows clinicians to visualize a patient’s historical data trends, adding additional data to inform their decision making.

Born from a research project at McGill University, MY01 now boasts 50+ employees from more than 20 countries. The company recently received FDA breakthrough status for its work in intracompartmental monitoring.

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