Calgary, Alberta

The digital backbone for the global future of health

Zamplo has created an electronic data capture platform for Researchers and Health Providers to gather patient health data – step one in Zamplo’s vision of a global connected health platform.

The Zamplo App empowers individuals to track, analyze and share their health data and journey with Researchers, Health Providers, Caregivers, Patient Advocates and others of their choosing. It also includes a Health Library, Community functionality to connect with peers, and Clinical Trials searching. When paired with Zamplo Research, Researchers can gather real-world data and manage research projects in a cost-effective way by remotely configuring participant accounts, managing communications, and securely extracting survey and near real-time health data. Health Providers can use Zamplo to implement and validate innovative care delivery approaches, including remote monitoring and measurement-based care by viewing and monitoring health data, pushing information via the Health Library, and suggesting routines for patients to implement. Patient support programs can use the platform to provide educational material, create communities, and utilize caregiver support.

Zamplo Inc. is a Calgary-based social enterprise.

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