Toronto, ON

Making it easier for clinicians to use computers in healthcare

Goji Technology Systems has developed a “talk to text” product called Goji Voice that enables clinicians to easily and seamlessly record their patient / client interactions with their computers or mobile devices. Recording the interaction allows them to easily capture the entire conversation instead of taking notes, which can negatively affect the patient interaction. With the Goji Voice solution, the recorded conversation is converted into text and made available to the clinician. The clinician can quickly review the notes and highlight key points in the conversation as well as add or update relevant clinical information.

Following the capture of clinical notes in the system, Goji Voice allows clinicians to save the notes directly to their medical systems. Further, the Goji Voice solution captures clinical insights and reminders and actions like follow-ups, tests, orders, and the like. In this way, the user no longer needs to manually track forgotten notes or actions.