Toronto, Ontario

Personalized pelvic devices for women's unique bodies and needs

Pelvic Floor Disorders (PFDs), such as incontinence and prolapse, affect half of all women in their lifetime. As a result, 20% of women in North America will get pelvic floor surgery which can have relatively high costs, reoperation rates and risk of complications with some mesh implants banned by the FDA in Apr 2019. Conservative therapy with pessaries (ie. supportive devices placed in the vagina) date back thousands of years in use to the Egyptians and have not changed in over 50 years. They are currently fit by trial and error with over 100 shapes and sizes resulting in: up to 1 in 3 failing the fitting process, low patient compliance and over half of pessary wearers getting complications with long term use.

Cosm is personalizing care for those suffering from a common, growing, and underserved, global women’s health issue. Gynethotics is the world’s first personalized pessary platform that combines proprietary diagnostics, AI, cloud software and 3D printing. Their platform has the potential to expand and improve quality of care for pelvic floor disorders for patients while improving the business pessaries for clinicians.

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