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Hypercare helps cut pagers and paper on-call schedules at Southlake thanks to OBIO®

September 19, 2023

September 19, 2023 (Toronto, ON) – Today, Hypercare announced the procurement of an innovative Canadian digital software solution at Southlake Regional Health Centre. The technology provides clinical teams with an unprecedented means to securely communicate and collaborate amongst each other, and efficiently coordinate on-call schedules.

Ongoing staffing shortages since the start of the pandemic have created a need to coordinate schedules across the hospital. The previous approach for on-call scheduling at Southlake was inefficient and overloaded through the hospital switchboard. The hospital manages forty clinical on-call and support schedules in various formats and updates these rosters verbally or via email.

Albert Tai, CEO of Hypercare, along with co-founders, Umar Azhar, CTO, and Dr. Joseph Choi, emergency physician and COO, recognized the need to replace old-fashioned pagers and outdated, manual internal on-call processes. In response, the co-founders of Hypercare built a software platform that could become the sole source for hospital communication and on-call scheduling. Hypercare’s platform enables users to instantly contact on-call doctors without having to first track them down. Hypercare’s platform also enables users to securely share clinical images and prioritize important messages.

OBIO®, through funding and advice from its Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™), supported Hypercare’s commercialization journey from inception to procurement. OBIO®, Hypercare and Southlake collaborated to evaluate the impact of Hypercare’s digital software solution on on-call scheduling and make the case for procurement.

“With the current stress in the healthcare system, EAHN™ has been able to provide more resources for the project to help get it off the ground. They are helping remove obstacles in the way to allow healthcare systems to sign off on Hypercare and see the value,” said Dr. Albert Tai, CEO at Hypercare.

“Hypercare has improved our efficiency,” said Sam Fielding, Chief Information Officer at Southlake. “By integrating this secure messaging app and consolidating on-call schedules, Southlake’s central communications team is able to react and reach team members quicker, helping to improve patient outcomes.”

An EAHN™ evaluation successfully demonstrated that Hypercare could solve Southlake’s on-call scheduling management and communication challenges. With a positive determination of value and recommendation, OBIO’s EAHN™ program was able to provide follow-on funding and advisory support to Southlake to plan and implement the procurement of Hypercare’s platform in accordance with Broader Public Sector procurement guidelines.

“The Hypercare procurement demonstrates how the EAHN™ program enables the adoption of innovative Canadian technologies in our health systems. We are delighted that through EAHN™, Southlake now has a streamlined on-call scheduling system that will benefit patients, thanks to better coordinated care,” said Dr. Maura Campbell, President and CEO of OBIO®. “EAHN’s 65+ member health organizations and systems can now leverage Southlake’s procurement of Hypercare to adopt the technology.”

About OBIO®

Founded in 2009, OBIO®, a not-for-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to advancing health technology innovation and commercialization, is prioritizing the evaluation of new technologies through their Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™). OBIO® is engaged in strategy, programming, policy development and advocacy to further the commercialization of human health technologies, positioning Canada as a leader in the international marketplace. Visit for more information.

About Hypercare

Hypercare is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides everything a clinical team needs to communicate compliantly and to coordinate care effectively and efficiently. The platform includes various modules to provide secure messaging, on-call scheduling, virtual pagers, automation of care escalation and code team activations. To learn more about Hypercare, visit

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