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Humber River Health, TeleVU and OBIO® partner to support revolutionary cardiac monitoring platform

May 22, 2024

Revolutionary AR/AI TelePresence and Remote Patient Monitoring platform improves patient care, streamlines processes, and enhances hospital efficiency

May 22, 2024 (Toronto, ON) – Humber River Health, in collaboration with TeleVU and OBIO’s Early Adopter Health Network (EAHNTM), is proud to announce the successful completion of an innovative project that leverages two platforms working in synergy: TeleVU’s augmented reality (AR)/artificial intelligence (AI) TelePresence and BioVU Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). This groundbreaking initiative has revolutionized cardiac care, significantly improving patient outcomes, streamlining hospital workflows and optimizing healthcare resource allocation.

The Telepresence platform, equipped with smart glasses and connected devices, facilitates real-time and interactive communication between cardiac technologists and cardiologists.

The BioVU RPM platform has become an invaluable tool for cardiac technologists and cardiologists at Humber River Health, allowing them to monitor vital signs remotely, especially heart rate, for a comprehensive assessment of the functionality of cardiac devices implanted in patients.

“TeleVU was thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative that showcased the transformative power of our digital ecosystem in reshaping the future of healthcare. Our TelePresence AR and Home Health Monitoring platforms are not just innovations; they represent a commitment to advancing health access, enhancing efficiency, and promoting collaboration in the medical field,” said Ryan De’Larami, Founder & CEO of TeleVU.

BioVU’s remote assessments reduced unnecessary in-person visits, improving patient satisfaction and clinic efficiency. With 86% of patients reporting satisfaction and 93% recommending the technology, BioVU also played a crucial role in early complication detection, leading to fewer ER visits and lower healthcare costs.

TeleVU’s TelePresence platform further streamlined workflows by enabling remote procedural assistance, optimizing time and expanding patient capacity for healthcare professionals. This collaborative effort not only empowered patients with a sense of security through continuous monitoring, but also promoted proactive health management to reduce ER visits and improve overall cardiac patient health.

“Integrating TeleVU’s telepresence technology into our workflow will propel us to new heights in delivering efficient, high-quality care,” said Dr. Irving Tiong, Humber River Health. “Innovations like BioVu place the patient at the centre of their care, empowering them with the tools to manage their health effectively. With BioVu, we can offer continuous monitoring and support for higher-risk patients, which not only enhances the quality of care but also instills confidence in both patients and physicians, as they know that monitoring and intervention are readily available even beyond the walls of the hospital.”

“The collaboration with TeleVU and OBIO®, and leveraging these innovative AR and AI technologies has enabled us to further enhance our cardiac care model,” said Dr. Douglas Ng, Humber River Health. “This partnership aligns seamlessly with Humber River Health’s commitment to driving innovation for improved patient experiences and outcomes.”

“OBIO® is thrilled to support this type of collaboration where cutting-edge technologies can improve both patient outcomes and hospital workflows, creating a more streamlined process for patients and providers,” said Dr. Maura Campbell, President and CEO of OBIO®. “It’s exciting to see Canadian companies at the forefront of integrating innovations such as augmented reality into our healthcare system.”

The project’s success paved the way for a broader adoption of these technologies, which leads to enhanced patient care, streamlined workflows, and optimal allocation of healthcare resources.

About Humber River Health

Humber River Health is one of Canada’s largest community acute care hospitals, serving a population of more than 850,000 people in the northwest Greater Toronto Area. The multi-site hospital currently operates out of its Wilson Avenue acute care site, Finch, and Church Campus’ with over 4,000 employees, approximately 700 physicians, and over 500 volunteers. Humber River Health uses a custom combination of technology and clinical expertise to rebuild elements of care, making technology work for staff and physicians, giving them more time to spend with patients. With the support of its incredible teams, a strong will, and determination, Humber River Health is committed to Lighting New Ways in Healthcare. For more information, please visit

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TeleVU revolutionizes healthcare with AR and AI, creating a connected ecosystem for easy access to specialized care and top-notch medical education. In clinics, our smart glasses and IoT devices connect medical professionals, offering a hands-free and immersive experience. At home, our advanced handheld vital signs monitor empowers patients to measure, monitor, and share vital signs with their care team. This interconnected system breaks down geographical barriers, empowering frontline providers to deliver superior care and allowing specialists to reach more patients without travel. Welcome to a future of accessible and enhanced healthcare. For more information, please visit

About OBIO®

OBIO®, a not-for-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to advancing health technology innovation and commercialization, is prioritizing the evaluation of new technologies through their Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™). OBIO® is engaged in strategy, programming, policy development and advocacy to further the commercialization of human health technologies, positioning Canada as a leader in the international marketplace. For more information, please visit and follow OBIO® on LinkedIn and X.


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Founder and CEO

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