Call for applications

Announcing the next Canada-wide call for applications to join the OBIO® Early Adopter Health Network.

Apply today to be considered for a 2022 project.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Supporting health technology companies and health organizations.

The Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™) partners Canadian companies who have developed innovative health technologies that are ready for adoption with health organizations (e.g., acute, primary care, long-term care, home and community care).

OBIO® supports health technology companies and health organizations in EAHN™ to:

  • Evaluate innovative health technologies and generate evidence to support procurement
  • Widely disseminate and adopt technologies that demonstrate a proven benefit to patients and result in efficiencies and cost savings to the health system

  • Create showcase sites for the effective adoption of technologies and to demonstrate Canadian technologies to a global market

Companies interested in EAHN™ are encouraged to submit an expression of interest.

Company Eligibility

EAHN™ Technology Areas

OBIO® accepts applicants based on the readiness of both their technologies and their organization. The application process will select for companies that are prepared to have their technologies evaluated in a health organization setting and whose technologies will provide value as measured against the Quadruple Aim of health care (improve patient experience, health of populations, per capita cost of health care, and healthcare staff satisfaction).

Furthermore, applicants will be expected to:

  • Have all regulatory clearance necessary for product evaluation in a clinical setting
  • Be prepared for immediate scale-up and dissemination following a successful evaluation
  • Have a clear and defined path forward for commercialization of their technology and ready for procurement

EAHN™ focuses on, though not exclusively, the following areas:

  • Improving surgical wait times, increasing surgical capacity, and increasing procedural capacity
  • Critical care, organ injury & repair and brain health & wellness
  • Curbing avoidable Alternate-Level-of-Care (ALC) days and facilitating transitions of care
  • Transforming care with AI or Machine Learning
  • Rapid and cost-effectively screening, diagnosing, and monitoring diseases
  • Supporting the management of chronic diseases outside of acute settings
  • Improving care coordination across the health system from home and community-based care to hospitals
  • Advancing care accessibility through virtual and telemedicine, remote patient monitoring
  • Technologies that support mental health, from diagnostics to treatment and management

Supports for Companies
and Health Organizations

Successful applicants will receive financial, advisory and networking support.

Health organizations
EAHN™ members receive financial, advisory and project support.

OBIO® will work with successful applicants to partner them with a health organization in the EAHN™ to evaluate their technology over a period of up to 12-months.

Expression of Interest

OBIO® will review all expressions of interest and follow-up with next steps.


For additional questions, please contact Parnian Tajbakhsh at OBIO®: