Toronto, Ontario

Effectively addressing the intricacies of complicated skin and skin structure diseases

Our skin is a barrier between us and the external environment. When this barrier function is compromised, notably in disease associated with immune dysfunction, we are left prone to infection. This challenge is highlighted in the urgent unmet need for therapies to treat diabetic foot ulcer infection (DFI). Previous therapeutic strategies for DFIs have sought to address inflammation, healing, or infection in isolation. However, by not accounting for the complicated inflammatory and healing processes in patients with immune dysfunction, these approaches have been fraught with clinical failures. Successful treatment of these complex conditions requires a convergent approach — an approach that not only addresses infection, but also the full spectrum of challenges associated with infectious and inflammatory skin disease. Exciton Pharma Corp. (EPC) is positioned to bridge this gap, pioneering the convergence of anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative medicine.

EPC is a late-stage preclinical biotech company based in Toronto, Ontario, focused on the development of multifaceted therapeutics to effectively address the intricacies of complicated skin and skin structure diseases. EPC’s mission is to provide health care providers with the means to streamline the therapeutic regimen for dermal infectious and inflammatory disease into one, unified course of treatment. EPC’s multifaceted drug compounds singularly provide broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy including critical resistant pathogens while endogenously modulating growth factors to accelerate healing and mitigate inflammation. Leveraging these multifaceted properties, EPC’s lead drug composition, EPC-123, will be the first and only dedicated treatment for mild and moderate DFIs.

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